Feedback sunrise schoolDear Team

Congrats for successful event.All arrangement was nice. It was great experience kids njoyd alot.
Has results announced?In Group 1 category no of participants are more. So pl consider at least 10 lil artist as winner to promote them and make them more confident.
Hope you will consider my request.
My both kids got certificates n both are yoo I appreciate this effort dat kids already happy by getting Medals n certificate.
Gargi Tripathi-G1-3025
Lakshya Tripathi-G1-3026
Arkja Tripathi

I would like to suggest to organise it in a better way by having different time slots for every age group or at least different entrances for them. It was so chaotic that many small kids were crying and couldn’t enjoy the event.
Thanks for contacting. I look forward to hearing from you.

Charusheela Ingale

Dear Team,
My daughter Shivani Shibu got third prize in the Group 2 drawing and shading competition. Thank you very much for the same.
First of all i would like to appreciate you for arranging such a program, to find the talents hidden behind the little buds. I am sure you would understand the enthusiasm expressed by the kids as well as the parents by participating in it. Since you are conducting this for the last 4 years, by now you would have really understand the spirit of the kids as well as the parents, by seeing the crowd gathered over there. it is increasing every year.
my feedback are as below:
1. More arrangements to be done to control such a crowd. Since you have been doing it for the last 4 years, and the wide advertisements made  for it, you should have expected such a big crowd and make arrangements accordingly. Hope that you would do it next time
2. More sincere active participation is required by your office bearers to control the crowd and conduct such a program smoothly, than passing thru the area with the badges on their chest.
3.  Time management to be maintained. Advertised over the radio it will be started by 2pm, bt in real it started by 3.30-4pm and even by 6 pm you could finish only 2 items, my daughter joined for 2 items and even by 6pm she could not complete it.
Hope you would understand our feelings and wish you all to conduct it in an arranged way in the upcoming years.
Eager to participate for the coming years ……..
  Any more results to publish, as highlighted yellow below? My daughter already got the prize.
Thanks and Regards

Dear Team Lulu,
Thanks for the email. I have received the participation certificate and medal, thank you very much and I look forward to the announcement of the result.
Lamar Zeeshan

Dear Team

First i wish to appreciate the initiative taken to arrange an event like this. In future you have to take extreme care to arrange events like this. I felt more inconvenience in collecting the badge and certificate collection ( gathering of parents and small children) . Just go and see other places and try to understand how they manage participants and their guardians for the formalities of registration, refreshments to children, collection of certificates. Yous volunteers didn’t give even drinking water to small children. I dint want to write more as your people are aware of what miss management happened and more parents expressed their inconveniences already.
We parents feel hurt and i hope this all happened due to lack of proper foresight of the management in expecting a gathering like this. So in future try to do enough consultation with experts and do proper standard arrangements for children and parents during their participation.
My daughter name is KRISHN ANANDHA MANOJ
ROLL NO GR2 2624. (participated in two competitions 1. Drawing and shading.2. Hand writing
My telephone no **********
You can deliver this badge and certificate in my office during office hour.
My office location: USMC MEDICAL CENTRE LLC
We received one badge after a long waiting and she participate in two items and according to the officials the badges were finished.
So when you come to our door step please bring one more badge along with the certificates,

Thanks and congratulation

Manoj Kumar


we received the certificate but would like to bring to your notice about improper management.
Volunteers did a good job but it was not organised in a professional way, in letting the kids into the competition area.they were no barricades, the crowd hurled over each other in letting their kids into the area.
It would have been in a more organised way.
thanx for this opportunity, take this in a positive way for better n memorable experiences.
Tahseen Unnisa

Dear Sir,

       We are happy to make our kid to participate  in  drawing and handwriting competition.  We are eagerly waiting  for  the  result. Please update it ASAP. We didn’t get participant certificate details are mentioned below
Name: Khalil Sarah
Chestno: G2-2316
Participation: Drawing & Handwriting
shameem khalil

Respected Sir….

       Thank you for ur mail.From next year onwards it would be nice if you can increase the time for drawing and painting from 1 hr to one and half. This would be easy for the age group beginners like those who are 6 years,10 years etc or else just make the category like below 6,6 to 9,9 to 12, 12 to 15  and then 15 to 18.of course i do understand that increase in one group can  create much financial problems but still pls rethink.
       While distributing prizes giving a meme nto is better as it is a life time memory.Last year at least you gave a picture embedded certificate and consolation prizes.
     As this much participants are there, consolation was a good thought.yes i agree that everything depends on the sponsors.
       Anyway these are the things i more thing i could hear that some parents entered the competition area and helped their children in the last minute.That is not a good thing .Most of the children are there  attending with much effort.
      If possible pls take the above things into account. ((Last point pls check your  mail’s last portion regarding result…already published. So editing problem🙂)
Thanking you …
Shakeena Shibili

Dear Team Nostalgia

Thank you very for your mail. It was a wonderful event. My daughter enjoyed very much.

Please consider the details of my daughter, which is mentioned below, in the list of those who didn’t get the certificate.

Chest No.: G3-2837
Contact No. +971 50 ********

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you
Sajeesh Nair

Good evening,
Thank you for your cooperation. This event has made us learn a lot and we enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to more events in the future.
Here is the information you asked for
Student name : Mrs. Izza Sajjad
Chest no.: G3-2264
Contact no. : 050-******.
Thanks and regards.
Anjum Ch

Dear Organizer,
Thanks for email. We have received the participation cert immediately after the competition.
However, due to some other program we could not collect the winning award for Anusmita Khatua (chest no.  G3 – 2418). Kindly let us know from where we will collect the award and winning certificates.
Kind Regards,
Anup Kumar

Thank you so much for the initiative  of Lulu to organize such an event.We gave the wrong mobile number. Correct number is 055 8******** Incase there is any prize kindly notify us by this email  or contact number.

Priya Roy

Appreciate the efforts for conducting such a big event. Kids are enjoyed well.
Hope in future also like this events from Lulu Nostalgia team.
Once again, Thanks and Regards
Shaji Salim
Dear team,

First of all,Thank u for arranging the program.

As You are asking for the feedback, we would like to highlight the following:
The registration process was lengthy.
Atleast 60% of the registered personnel should have been expected to attend the event.
The announcements were Not audible.
we have also not received the participant certificates.
Thank you

Dear sir/Madam,


first of all we would like to thank you for conducting such kind of inspiration events and we really enjoyed it, please find the below details:

Mr.Sri varshan Pandiarajan



Dear Sir,

Really good program which will motivate all the kids.

I future you may consider to issue the payment and pass through online and also consider to give comfortable table for everyone to do better.


Respected sir

Thank you for giving chance to all the kids and keeping them engaged.
A small suggestion as a parent of three daughters, once you get the count kindly make the arrangements like – seperate entrance for group 1,group 2,group 3 kids.
Closing the registration at the given time.
Make sure all the kids received the snacks.(my kids dint get their snacks)
We know it’s really a tough task, but, for organizations like lulu, hope it’s possible in the future.
Thank you
Deivanai Palaniappan.

Dear Sir,
I would like to convey our thanks on behalf of my daughter Aleena Shajir for giving opportunity to participate in such a wonderful event. It was very well organized and amazing.
Thanks & Regards

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Good Afternoon.It was a fantastic opportunity for kids to get this platform to exhibit the talent.
I strongly appreciate you and your team for issuing so many certificates and medals too which not only boosted kids spirit but also made them happy.
No need to regret sir. It happens in a big event like this.
We strongly appreciate your patience too.
Last year my son Amogh Rajesh Kaushik got 3rd place in handwriting and won Juicer.
We just love all your events.
All the best for all future endeavors.
Thanks and Regards
Soumya Rajesh