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Nostalgia Reflections Season 3 Result


all winners of Nostalgia reflections are requested to send a photograph to [email protected]

We are happy to announce the result for Nostalgia Reflections held on 11th May 2018.  Due to overwhelming participation and Ramadan, the valuation of the entries takes little more time than the schedule. Anyhow we finalized the valuation and the result are now ready.

Coloring Group 1


1st  Jennah Afsal Bright Riders
2nd Akshara Nambiar Private International English School
3rd Evelyn Joy ADIS Muroor
Consolation Dhanvin Vengasseri Dileep ADIS Muroor
Consolation Souparnika Habitat Ajman

Painting and Drawing

Group 2

1st  Albin Patrik ADIS Al Wathba
2nd Gowri Nanda ADIS Al Wathba
3rd Mohammed Sayan S Bright Riders
Consolation Sushmita Das  GEMS UIS 
Consolation Tisha Ananda Creative British School  

Group 3

1st  Fathinuthu Shifa The Model School
2nd Ramamoorthy Rahul Indian School, Alain
3rd Bhumika  Ujjainkar Sunrise English Private School
Consolation Parth Verma Private International English School
Consolation Fida Mohammed Shebeaun  Global Indian International School
Consolation Ahammad Shamlid Parayil Darul Huda Islamic School Alain

Group 4 

1st  Shreyash Deogirkar ADIS Al Wathba
2nd Rithu Rajesh ADIS Muroor
3rd Karthika Anil Sunrise English Private School
Consolation Suzanne Sam St. Joseph’s School


Group 2

1st  Benitto Shaju The Model School
2nd Albin Patrik ADIS Al Wathba
3rd Amogh Rajesh Kaushik Private International English School

Group 3

1st  Aishwarya Lakshmi Sunrise English Private School
2nd Saanvi Anup STRINGS MUSIC
3rd Tirumala Tejas Penugonda GEMS UIS

Group 4

1st  Meenakshi Deepak Soman Sunrise English Private School
2nd Veena Rajesh ADIS Al Wathba
3rd Adil Anas Steps N Beats Music and Art institute


Group 3


1st  Tirumala Tejas Penugonda GEMS UIS
2nd Anandu Sajeev The Model School
3rd Jaiswal Avlin Arya ADIS Muroor
Consolation Muneeb Imran Creative British School  

Group 4 

1st  Rithu Rajesh ADIS Muroor
2nd Devika Kakkanat Siby Sunrise English Private School
3rd Hamna Thaha Sunrise English Private School

ADIS Al Wathba and Sunrise English Private School share the Award for most number of Prizes and Bright Riders grabs the Award for  most number of Participation.

Congratulations Winners!

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